Father to two, husband to one. Son to two. Brother to three. Friend to >3.

Writing: Poetry and Short Stories. Generally on blog. Rants also.

Reading: Raymond Carver, The Irish Biggies, Julian Gough as well. Heller, Will Self, Martin Amis, Wilde, Dylan Thomas. Hemingway and the Americans.

Walking: Towns, fields, country. Beaches. Just around. Longer lengths over the Curragh, &c.

Music: Tom Waits, Eels, Will Oldham in many guises, Jolie Holland, The Tiger¬†Lillies, Hamell on Trial, Bob Marley, Clash, Johnny Cash, The Beach Boys, Belle and Sebastian, Blondie, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Chuck E Weiss, Counting Crows (believe it or not!), Jeff Buckley’s Grace album, Stevie Ray Vaughan, all those old Blues guys – John Lee Hooker, Howling Wolf, Muddy Waters, et al, some jazz cats and swingers too – Coltraine, Count Basie, Miles Davis; some country folk too, like Gram Parsons, or Hank Williams