Father to two, husband to one. Son to two. Brother to three. Friend to >3.

Writing: Poetry and Short Stories. Generally on blog. Rants also.

Reading: Raymond Carver, The Irish Biggies, Julian Gough as well. Heller, Will Self, Martin Amis, Wilde, Dylan Thomas. Hemingway and the Americans.

Walking: Towns, fields, country. Beaches. Just around. Longer lengths over the Curragh, &c.

Music: Tom Waits, Eels, Will Oldham in many guises, Jolie Holland, The Tiger Lillies, Hamell on Trial, Bob Marley, Clash, Johnny Cash, The Beach Boys, Belle and Sebastian, Blondie, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Chuck E Weiss, Counting Crows (believe it or not!), Jeff Buckley’s Grace album, Stevie Ray Vaughan, all those old Blues guys – John Lee Hooker, Howling Wolf, Muddy Waters, et al, some jazz cats and swingers too – Coltraine, Count Basie, Miles Davis; some country folk too, like Gram Parsons, or Hank Williams