July 28th 2016 (the cat sat in the bag at the back)

by Brendan Strong

Bus crammed: jam-packed

Middle seat, back

Row between that

Man’s jacket, that

Woman’s bag:

I will not to move my ass

Except to let someone pass

To this side or that

(Those seats are the last)

So my legs can stretch in the aisle and relax.

– a busload of waiting, fidgeting, chat –

We move at last.


We have!

Two girls come fast

Embarrasmiling as they pass

Apologise their time keeping’s lax

I will have to move my ass

Or one sits this side, one sits that

Leaving me in the middle like a creepy old man

I will have to move my ass.

So the first asks the woman to move her bag –

Asks the woman to move her bag –

Asks to move her bag –

Confused, the woman says that’s

Not a bag, that’s a cat –

You can’t be scared of that!

Not scared! But could you move your cat –

Six sets of shoulders shaking laughter back –

The woman gets it at last

Puts  her cat at her feet like a bag: ah-

Tishoo! goes the girl. AH

TISHOO. We discovered a cat. AH

TISHOO. She discovered an AH

TISHOO. allergy, just like that.