16th April, 2016 (an argument with a six year old)

by Brendan Strong

“You’re the worst dad in the world for me!”
“I can’t be worse than cinderella’s dad: He just stood back
While the stepmother acted
Like a total brat!”
“He stood up for cinderella
in the end!”
“You don’t think I’d stick up for you?”
“No! All YOU care about is if I tidy my room!”

(Then she puts on a voice – my voice)
since yer mudders dead,
I marreed a noo mudder
to make you cleen yer rume”

I storm down to the kitchen
Open a drawer, pull out some cloths:
She is behind me –
I knew she would be
(we are already starting)
“Here! Wear these glad rags
If you have it so bad!”

And so our anger collapses in laughs.