13th April, 2016 (whatever’s best for the kids)

by Brendan Strong

On the bus and
have to turnaround
a most violent change
in direction
Uprooting the
usual chain
of events those
healthy habits
make a healthy life
(i.e. get up
go to work
get some money
pay some bills
(pretend (to yourself) you will save some money
in drawn out, wholly suspect lines
of thought)
Do it for the kids
(yes, that smugly).

That smug fug
Split and thinned
By the phone’s ring:

“She’s sick! She’s sick!”

The Voice has to
come from
the shop

Worry wort, worry wort, worry for it:
will it appear
on some permanent record
given to all employers
that supercedes your CV?

What could it say?
“Relinquished responsibility
for the kids (yes! That smugly!)
taking a train to go home again
having said that he must
while still on the bus!”