30th March, 2016 (not my thing)

by Brendan Strong

lunchtime before i realise –
i’m wearing someone else’s coat
hosting someone else’s soul
coasting through someone else’s life.

i thought this morning: this is
not my skin. but still i begin
to run the day in,
maybe improve on this.

maybe i put on someone else’s shoes
for what, i don’t know
to see how the road goes?
i’ve been going all day like there’s something to prove

i’ve been on no case
unlike some p-i
putting down time
waiting for a clue in a parked car in the pouring rain.

maybe it would take a hat
something to cover the head
and inspire admiration, or dread
would it make the wearer look a prat?

lunchtime over so best
shore up this steam
of thought or piss or dreams
get back to work though maybe they’d say he needs a rest