24th March, 2016 (Bob becomes a boss pt 2)

by Brendan Strong

So Bob was the boss and a good boss was Bob,
He advised the people how much to venture
And how much to farm. Settling disputes was a full time job.

He saw a path to what he said was the people’s future,
And they were happy to ignore him while he was harmless,
They lived away, working, defending themselves against nature.

They found things to brighten how they dressed,
Made things they didn’t need to protect them or eat,
Told stories about who they were and what that meant.

Bob was the boss, so he got a little peeved
They were doing all these things without direction:
Seeing that the people didn’t seem to need him-

Bob was the boss and he wanted their affection,
But when they did things without him it felt like rejection.