24th February, 2016 (5:20, Dublin Airport)

by Brendan Strong

I forgot my good watch!
Now I know what I forgot
I can relax.
Not my passport, suits or ties –
Which would mean I could not fly
Which would mean I could not work
Which would mean I could not be paid
Which would mean the bank and the gas and the electric and the loans
Would not be paid either.
I don’t particularly care about their needs but
My children need to eat and sleep and dream.

No I forgot my good watch,
And also forgot that my ridiculous watch is on my wrist.
The security guy is incredulous:
“Once more: are you wearing
a watch?”
“No,” I say, “I forgot it”, I explain,
Lifting my arm to demonstrate,
Now understanding why he’s remonstrating
With some fool at five A.M.