23rd February, 2016 (Somewhere down there)

by Brendan Strong

I think we could
Escape this place – but not
By climbing into the air:
We might envy ourselves in skyscrapers
Even though we could play with the birds up there.

No, we must (if we will)
Slip through the cracks
In the pavement –
Slide right under our feet.
No thunder can affect a nation,
Like a rumble from its own foundations.

Learning from the rats about
Finding something to eat:
We might have to convince them
We’re not as bad as we seem,
When seen from beneath.

But avoid getting tail tied,
Tongue tied. Confused lies
Would defeat the purpose.

Somewhere down there is a belief
Dancing on the banks, unclaimed
By the boatman, forgotten by the humans
That will always be true but may never be seen.