18th February, 2016 (What we don’t discuss is not discussed)

by Brendan Strong

A woman’s body is a terrible thing,
To discuss it must still be a sin
(Or at least to discuss the insides,
Where all Teh Evil lies:
The outside can be enjoyed by all
For the soft curves of its ideally slim form)

Since the  change of opinion
About the authority of the state and religion
It was also agreed that some of these women
Could be clever women. Clever, clever women
But oh God! These clever women have opinions!

A push for bodily autonomy
As a principle of social equality:
Feminazis! Misandry! Rabid feminists
Looking for VAT relief on tampons and STs
Can a man get a tax break on his jeans?
And what happens next if the eighth is repealed?
Why can’t their husbands just get vasectomies?
What’s the point in maternity leave?
And do rhetorical questions deflect from idiocy?