17th February, 2016 (Part 2, Talking politics by the bus stop)

by Brendan Strong

Slow, stunted, quiet conversation –
Sharing only half opinions –
Enough that you’re sure we’ll all agree on.
We’re all civilians, with the same cynicism.
Great grandfathers probably killed each other
In a war forgiven but not forgotten
By the systems of the state,
The names of railway stations,
And the parties of the nation.

Something slips!

Then we’re nodding heads vigorously!
About the parties, the state and the election,
The decisions we have to make and how we make them,
Feeling ill-served by what’s been bequeathed us
After the great grandfathers’ sacrifices
(Even if they killed each other, they’d surely all agree –
They didn’t kill each other for this Destiny)
What remains of nationhood dreams,
Turned to the spinning of administrative wheels,
And politicians promising to make it all change
Discovering a country’s not easy to rearrange.