9th February, 2016 (A new watch)

by Brendan Strong

My ridiculous watch arrived!
The one I bought online
Randomly, for a “Sale” price,
During a wine drinking night,
Because delivery time was undefined.
It’s a binary watch, but not quite –
A knock off that looks roughly right.
The pattern is wrong, but it lights
Up to tell the correct time.

The jeweller held her nose against a stink tight,
When I asked if a link could be spliced
From the too-big-bracelet: she knew it was shite!
“I can”, she said “but there’s a price,
Ten euro and fifteen minutes to get it right.
For now, you can go away” (maybe I disturbed her light).
Ten euro is close to the original price,
But even if it’s cheap, it might as well be “nice”.

The finish has already started to fade
Within a matter of days
But no matter, is what I say,
It’s cheap and it’s fun, and it deserves its praise.