7th February, 2016 (5 of 5, Anticlimax)

by Brendan Strong

We go this afternoon, after this morning before:
The time that was slim starts expanding:
After “Goodbye” watching princesses until they’re swallowed by doors
Made of magic and careful planning.

In the end, there was no roller coaster.
The girls too scared despite our simpers,
So a downhill stretch with a momentum that’s slower,
As our adventure tapers with a whimper.

Half-hearted discussions without decision
About waiting in some ninety-minute queue,
If there’s time for one last expedition.
Instead, gift shop carpets wear down our shoes.

A little darker in our minds:
Imagination resolves back to tired imitations made of plastic,
We have a life with jobs that demand our time
And lessons to learn to make our minds more elastic.

Hanging around, putting down time,
Watching watches with worry:
We want to be careful not to miss the flight.
But oh! What a time! This time in our life!