February 5th, 2016 (3 of 5: Dizzy in Disney)

by Brendan Strong

Dizzy in Disney
On day three
She’s pale
And sleeping away the day.

Spun in cups,
Dressed as a princess
(Showed the Copyright-made-flesh
How To Do Irish Dancing),
In rockets and elephants and flying carpets
(Holding the switch to keep them as high as they’ll go),
Lost in a maze, scared in a pirate’s cave,
Steering a rail-guided car around a track,
On boats surveying models of children and stories from all over the world.

Chicken nuggets lollipops drink some water ice cream hot chocolate drink some water diet coke drink some water meatballs and pizza drink some water.

She’s missing nothing
But better parenting.
But still, a holiday’s a thing
Where and when you can loosen discipline.

The others return hassled:
The Parc and Studios have attracted
Some critical mass of people
Past which it’s queues and shoulders, and the will turning feeble.