4th February, 2016 (2 of 5: In Disney)

by Brendan Strong

Thursday early we’re never early enough,
A family besieged by mornings, that’s us,
That’s not really the Disney way,
That’s what we’ll learn in the coming days.

Today we rise too late to be early,
Too early to be late. Hungry, surly.
Practice for queuing with breakfast,
Worried that this is just the preface.

We make the buffet, the girls appraise
It against their Ideal Buffet.
Falls slightly short. Not failure:
There are pancakes, but Irish pork has a better flavour.

Never mind!  It’s finally time to devour
The park.  Enthralled by this hypnotic power:
First the shops, then the magic tower,
Stop-start passed out by hours.

Recreation of human imagination
In clean surface imitations:
19th century American shop fronts
Give way to 21st century fast food and mod cons.

Gift shops! Gift shops! Fridge magnets
And T-shirts. Jumpers, jackets,
Plush toys and dress up dolls: you can buy
Anything that can be printed on between the ground and sky!

And on to the park, we try every ride,
There will be no stopping us – the rain even tries.
We buy plastic coverings to sandwich us,
To keep us fresh and branded without fuss.

Glee on the rides they like,
Terror on the rides they despise,
You forget there is no filter,
When you’re a child it’s all in kilter.

I have never seen such broad smiles,
And I have seen every moment of their lives,
Wiped their arses and dried their tears,
Chased away the night time fears.

I have no dominion in this place,
Of magic and the princesses they meet.
I can see it in each face:
They are enchanted: it is all they wanted it to be.