3rd February, 2016 (1 of 5: An Epic Journey Begins)

by Brendan Strong

We have toiled for days in preparation
To be ready for our adventure
Euro Disney in Paris is our destination
If we can just get out the door.

First, we must wake in time to cross the N7,
Stopping-starting, with the souls going forth,
M50 North, exit Naul-Ballymun for better progression:
Park the car and take a shuttle bus to the airport.

And under the ceiling under the sky we join the suffering
Others wading through Dublin airport.
Surprised – at that hour, the security ushering
Us through do so with humourous comport.

And so, in time, we are called: Go to Gate,
And flung to our adventures in an aeroplane.


When we land, we are here, elsewhere,
We don’t know enough of the language
(And again lament this state of affairs),
But CDG concrete reality is only a passage

To a place of Magic and Wonder,
A phantasy of standardised imagination
Tearing workaday reality assunder,
Everything in clean – if tired – imitation.

And they love it. Their excitement
Is our enticement to push it all on,
To Parc or Studios or shops. Incitement
To raise the blood and build upon

Months of waiting. Now adrenaline
Throws caution to the wind!