January 31st, 2016, In a MacDonald’s in a mood

by Brendan Strong

Storm clouds bulge with black
Pale moon trying to shine behind
Throws shadows from light

We are in McDonald’s:
Two guilty parents, two ecstatic kids
(Avoid sitting near that guy with the weird eyelids)

They say every parent’s decision
Is a lesson to their children:
We must decide what today’s lesson is.

Nothing with too much weight:
“Good things come to those who wait”?
Or maybe “Some decisions are directed by fate – it is Sunday, it is late”?

Maybe they will learn whatever they want:
Like “If the oldies are hassled enough, dinner’s in a restaurant”
Hopefully not “Sunday’s dinner should be eaten with fingers and served with a toy”

The rain is starting to break
As we make our escape
From the scene of this parenting crime
Never needing to wonder why
The guilt follows us all the time