January 30th, 2016 In the mean time

by Brendan Strong

Greenwich Mean Time can be a cruel
Mistress, digging crevices in faces,
Weakening muscles to move the
Joints as it gums up all their spaces

“Life” said John Lennon “is what
Happens when you’re making other plans”
Like getting that project across the line
Or going for drinks after.

Or using those arms and legs
To move matter for someone else
To make money for
Going for drinks after

Or (and to be fair)
Building a life with the time or what’s left of it,
After all the prayers and stares:
The mean time, void of generosity.

In the mean time, we are ticking on by
Waiting for the meaning to come into sight
Instead of making with it what we will
Greenwich’s Mean Time is never still.