January 25th 2016 Weather (again)

by Brendan Strong

Morning summer sun, winter breeze
Foolish humans bake in coats or freeze
The sun won the wind’s challenge
In the parable. But the wind’s angle is
Taking its revenge: Foolish
Humans will get to work sweaty
Poor tempered, midweek-mad and fretting.

Bleaching light maintains trees, still losing leaves
Clouds floating free no longer looming steel,
No more like dogs preparing to mark their territory

Later afternoon autumn shadows.
Light’ colours come apart although
They can only be seen peripherally
A pale orange spills down an office wall
Under the baby blue sky born this morning

Winter’s wishes for snow have all been blown
West by the wind, over the Atlantic
Landing in America, casting white shadows
On cars and roads, businesses and homes:
Where some might still be heard to whisper
Something about global warming.