January 24th, 2016 The Canvassers are Coming!

by Brendan Strong

The rumble of cars, slow on the road
It’s a signal, but of what we don’t know
Six years here, and they’ve never shown
But now the canvassers are coming!

As neighbours, we were mending fences,
Shooting the shit of a Sunday, wondering about
The match or the weather or maybe a holiday
But now, the canvassers are coming!

Lock up your children, rush indoors
Hope the Jehova’s Witnesses call
Get back to that guy selling glazing that time
Because the canvassers are coming!

They’ve blocked up the road
With their decal covered cars
They’re handing out leaflets
With the dedication of believers
(I suppose it is Sunday).

We are hiding away from false hope
We are waiting for them to give up and go
A new world beckons, and it’s really quite something
None will be spared: the canvassers are coming!