January 21, 2016 Podcasts

by Brendan Strong

On the bus to help time pass,
I listen to podcasts.
Distraction from the driving wait,
As I sit, hurtling with the others to our quotidian fate.
I’m being informed, learning,
About the cultural highlights of a city yearning
For fantastical twists in imaginated tales.
It’s a little entertainment,
It’s hours of digital content:
It’s making me a better person with every minute spent listening to
Interviews and audio plays, comedy chats and oral essays
People who are better read, who will forget more
Than I’ll ever remember, especially
Because each casted pod gets deleted once it’s played
(“Listened to” –  I couldn’t really say, because)

On the bus, as time is passing
As I and the others hurtle to our daily destiny
I fall asleep. The voices, laughs, sighs and cries
– that are here only for me –
Are falling on deaf ears. Or ears at least
Preoccupied by the aural hallucinations of dreams.
A judder on the quays wakes me uncertainly:
They are what still talking what but what about?
I wonder if I’ll try again later, but there are so many
Podcasts, I don’t know if there is time to be distracted by them all.