January 19th, 2016 (Upholstery)

by Brendan Strong

Seat back patterns must be able to hide a multitude of sins.
No one wants to be reminded (as humans) what’s really in them.
So you can start with violent colours and abstract shapes
But you won’t like the course that would take.
Tone it down, with pastel shades, and soft spaghetti shapes
Like you burned your hands on the sieve, dropped it on the shake:
Only to see the face of your saviour in its wake.
Invite the neighbours in for a glass of wine, cup of tea
Let them know they won’t believe what they’ll see.
Maybe they (or you, if you’re brave) will call the priest
Who may call a conference of religious: Could this be real?
The council or government may get involved – in thrall
To an artifact of great meaning, but that may cause a slip, trip or fall
And no Orpheus would be born in your kitchen or hall.
No matter: supporters will gather, set up a kickstarter
To have your spaghetti protected. Proper PPE sponsored
By suitable corporate partners. Interpretive installments
Recount the day you dropped spaghetti, the meaning of it all –
The moment enshrined for anyone going anywhere at all
On public transport, thanks to the seat back patterns,
Which hide – like the stuffing – a multitude of human sins,
So we can find distraction as we reach the destinations within.