January 12th 2016, Chewsday

by Brendan Strong

An email arrives and it is blank for some reason
I wonder whether this has some meaning:

Could it be telling me something about my life?
The choices I’ve made, my self-imposed strife?
A blank screen – a tabula rasa – a moment to consider identity:
Do I form myself against the world with enmity?

What kind of workplace questions are these?
Instead of “Are there beans in the coffee machine?”
And “I wonder if anyone will notice if I go to the shop”
Or “What am I doing here, and is this how my life ends up?”
Or “Do they all hate me for how they perceive me because that may not be who I am”
Or “Is it time for this voice in my head to shut up?”

Screen white questions unanswered:
Does it all spell disaster?

Is this it: The sum total of meaning in life?
Oh hang on, I refreshed it and now it’s alright –