January 9th, 2016 Weather

by Brendan Strong

No rain falls from a clear sky.
So the clouds clutter round,
Staking out their ground
All afternoon. It won’t stay this dry.

In the heavens, there is passive aggression.
As the winter sun tries its blinding shine,
The clouds creep around, biding their time,
Pretending they are other things to avoid attention.

Down here, the people remark how it’s so fine.
No idea what’s in store- or what’s running this thing.
Just the clouds bouncing around the sky, chilling,
While the sun keeps beaming its midwinter light.

But holy shit!
This is it!
Here it is!
The clouds rush the sky –
Cover over the sun –
And send down
The rain in spits
That turn into fists
Will we all drown?
And is it not
Cold enough for snow?
Is it hail or the wind’s blow
Making the rain sting feel like buck shot?
It keeps coming,
It keeps going –
But it won’t start snowing.