Tom Waits Covers: Tori Amos Covers Time

by Brendan Strong

The controversial post. I think most other people I talk to about Tom Waits music dislike this, as they don’t know what Tori Amos is doing with the song.

I think the piano and (strong and expressive) female voice throw a light on it that is quite different from Tom Waits’ own approach, which is kind of (deliberately) jaded.

Disclaimer: I love Tori Amos. However, this is one of my favourite of Waits sad/slow songs (so the bar would be a bit higher here). Also, the song itself comes from a covers album, where Amos was exploring the portrayal and role of women in various pop songs. I’m not sure how Time works in that respect (happy to hear in the comments below)

I really think she’s made an amazing piece with this.