Why I’m Voting Yes for #MarRef (The Children Edition)

by Brendan Strong

(I still don’t believe this referendum
Has anything to do with children
But if we must address the family’s kids
then this is my thinking.)

I have two girls – seven and five
I don’t know what will happen with their lives
Right now, one is religious, the other hates boys
We don’t fight it, because that’s their choice

We know – because we’ve grown
(“We” is my wife and I, so you know)
We know that they will change with age
If time teaches you anything, it’s that things don’t stay the same

So they will grow up –
What if one falls in love with a woman?
(I did, it’s not out of the question)
And the other falls in love with a man?
(My wife did, and that’s the “normal plan”)

Do we tell the first that she’s the worst
And the second that she’s the best
Because of a third party – a son in law – who has a hairy chest?
I can’t do that, because I’m their dad.

I’m voting Yes for my children
I’m voting Yes for yours too.
I’m voting Yes for the future
I’m voting Yes because it’s the right thing to do.