Just a Little Busy Right Now

by Brendan Strong

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My mini project for this week is to do a poem a day based on the front pages of the papers. Probably the Irish Times.  I’ve only an hour or two to do this, so apologies for quality. It’s an exercise.  For my American friends, I’ll stick a link in somewhere to explain what the story is about.  This is from today’s front page news that Claire Daly’s bill to allow for abortion in cases of fatal foetal abnormality was defeated. What angered me most is that it seems many hid from this in one way or another – people who are otherwise vocal about what democracy means, concerned with giving people a voice. 

My understanding (I am open to being corrected) is that any proposed law allowing for abortion requires that the mother’s life be in danger. Without this situation, the law would be “repugnant” to the Irish constitution. As a result, any legislation to allow for abortion in the case of fatal foetal abnormality requires a referendum to change our constitution. I am not a lawyer, so this may not be correct , I mention it in the interest of balance. My concern is the perpetual inaction, which has been the status quo since I was a boy. 

Ask no questions, and I’ll tell you no lies
What we need for women are alibis
All this chatter about human rights:
As if we’d never heard of Ryanair flights:

Get to the midlands for fourteen ninety nine*
While we fix the economy, that’s a good price
You’ve told your story, we know your plight:
But – *serious face* – we’ve no mandate at this time.

Listen: I’ve heard you talking, I know your fright
But did you hear this other case: everything was all right!
If we gave more support, would that stop your fight?
Just now we need to fix the water supply.

After the election, a referendum will make this right:
But right now, we’re very busy finding ways to hide.

*price correct as at 10th Feb 2015, see Ryanair website for details.