Must do, might do, soon do, to do.

by Brendan Strong

Time flies and the deadline’s gone

Into the past from potential, piles of paper flutter

Discarded ideas, notes from someone

For some thing or another. Splutter

Coffee as the date is discovered, hiding away

In a corner of the taskbar. Still the same day

Before realisation. But as it’s realised:

Blood pressure rise. A high tide

Flooding the mind with images of everything

That can go wrong. Has gone wrong. Will go wrong.

From all the jumble, the tasks will tumble:

Must do, might do, soon do, to do.

When? Not when: how? Not how: why?

For crying out loud, it can’t be straightened out!

Why? Not why: How? Not how: When?

Something must be done. Something

Must be done. Must

Be done.

But what?

What, now?