a bored meeting

by Brendan Strong

Smoothing down a suitable tie, the C something O says:

“The Chinese word for crisis is the same as opportunity

We need some actionable tasks to form an overall strategy

Should we parachute someone in to do some executing?

Or do we need to simplify? Downscale, reduce headcount, rationalise?

Our problem could be customers – they can be pretty thick:

Put them up against the wall and let’s see what really sticks.

We are behind the curve, and we need to engage the pricks!

Mind you

– a finger pokes the empty air, where empty words had ticked – 

Under the radar is just the place to create a new modality:

We need to seed the big idea – this is no time to park it:

From little acorns grow mighty oaks:

That’s the secret to disruptive markets!”

The gathered bored nod, and neglect the sweet delicacies 

And wonder whether synergies really can yield efficiencies