Irish Local Politics Drama

by Brendan Strong

The meeting was called to order.

“How DARE you”, said the councillor

“put a name

on this meeting

that has not

been passed by the council”

“But councillor”

said the chair

“I meant “called to order”

in the sense that we should be orderly”

Stunned silence ensued.

No one had seen

a chair talk before.


they had heard it.

And what would be said?

“Councillor”, said the chair, “Of the time, take your share”

“The meeting”,

said the councillor

“is of utmost importance, and of incredible importance”

(someone reeled for the unnecessary repetition,

that was falling all over the floor)

“We agreed” (said the councillor) on resolution one oh four.

Yet the government are trying”

“Trying!” gasped the audience

“Trying to revert to ninety four”

“I will have to check” Said the manager

“On the statute you have met

With such awful disdain”

“Well,” said the councillor

“That says it all, and now, I’m off to Spain”