Vic Monchego & The Quotable Bren…

by Brendan Strong

Vic Monchego has very kindly posted my poem How are you/Who are you on his blog, over here. So delighted am I that I have peppered this post with links to it. Also, I’ll put a link in the sidebar too! It’s an interesting collection of bits & pieces from about the place, some poetry and shorts that, in spirit, kind of remind me of this old joint. Check it out sometime!

In other news, I would like from now on for everyone to refer to me as “The Quotable Bren”.

Quote of the day:
‘When they see me in such fine, new garments, their eyes will be opened to who their beloved emperor truly is.’ Henry Peebles, from Ballyscrotum, quoted just three days before he rode a horse down the main street of the village, sparking a frenzy of prayer and laughter.